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"Never forget them..." 


Charlie Parker Campel, is a man who fails at most things he attempts to do, and might have the worst luck on the entire planet.  He believes he is like a scrawny, helpless squirrel searching for nuts in the frigid winter.  Losing his job at a history museum in Washington D.C., shortly after moving there from Kentucky, he must pull all the stops to find a new job.  While on a job search, he randomly stumbles into the Holocaust Museum.  During a self-guided tour, things get interesting when he finds a mysterious gold ring belonging to Michael Luke Adelman.  He does all he can to find the owner during his visit to the museum but to no avail. Deciding to keep the ring, he is determined to find the owner, but the question is... What is the story behind this mysterious ring, and who is Michael Adelman?  Will Charlie find the owner, and what else or who else will he encounter on the this journey?  Does Campbel finally catch a break, and will this mysterious ring send him on an adventure full of luck, introspective fortune, and love? 

Or will it send his entire life into a tailspin? 

... Lightwaves marries the past and present together, two stories converging into one. It plays on hope and darkness and, ultimately, the danger Jews have faced throughout the centuries into our modern era just for being Jewish... 

-Adanna Moriarty, Bestselling author, Threadbare: A Patchwork of Poems that Make a Life


 ... Lightwaves captures the beauty and tragedy of one of the most horrific happenings of our times, the Holocaust.  Weaving webs of connections, and their consequences throughout the years, Grinnell manifests how both love and hate have far-reaching effects...

-Enoch Black

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